Hamilton Smith Associates researches regulatory changes for potential impact on the current life, annuity and health industry practices.

When bills are passed by the US Congress and implemented by the US Treasury as law, business requirements are needed to provide proactive first-cut implications for insurers. These include the potential product lines impacted, new calculations or procedures required for compliance and other details to support practical deployment.

Hamilton Smith Associates was founded specifically to assist developers of insurance industry software solutions with administrative regulatory compliance. Even the best software engineers may fail to notice the particulars involved with a "set of laws" that will impact the way a piece of software must ultimately function. Working directly with your developers and end users, our professionals concentrate on the regulatory practices of the life and annuity insurance industry with special emphasis on Federal level regulatory and compliance activities.

Our Services

  • Operational assessments of your existing life and annuity software.

  • Access to our library of life and annuity compliance administration documentation.

  • Notification of compliance changes and updates through white papers and alerts.

  • Confer with your software architects, software developers and designers to help them understand the attention required to maintain regulatory and compliance vigilance.

  • Additional consulting is offered on an hourly time and materials basis for research or expansion on specific regulatory or compliance issues.

Please contact us so that we can outline the best way to provide regulatory answers for your specific needs.



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